Is sampling still relevant in a digital world?

Posted in ATOM Analysis Stuff We Like on 22nd February 2019

Is sampling still relevant in a digital world?

In a digital world providing consumers with free samples has arguably never been so relevant! Free samples help to get products into the hands of those that matter- the consumer- and gives them the opportunity to experience your product without having to take a gamble online that could potentially result in them losing out.


73% of consumers agree that they’re more likely to buy a product if they are given a sample first. The theory of reciprocity suggests that due to the brands nice gesture the consumer will feel the urge to do something nice in return, ROI for the brand! A study by Cornell University  found that when wine tasting, customers who enjoyed the tasting experience were not only likely to spend more money in the shop but also highly likely to spend money with the business again. Sampling therefore is a great marketing tool to not only drive trial but repeat purchase.

IAMS sampleSampling is a great opportunity to get a new product or brand extension into the hands of a consumer who might never have picked up your product due to it not being in their buying repertoire. Feedback is key to keeping a high-quality product that is a firm favourite in your category. Asking for feedback during a trial will benefit your business and also reduces the cost of sending your product to market research panels! When launching Coca Cola Zero Sugar in Australia, a sampling event was held which saw over 2 million cans being distributed! Marina Rocha, marketing manager said ‘trial was very, very crucial from the beginning’, the exposure  that this event gave the brand extension showed consumers the great taste was still there, even without the sugar!

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Sampling events can be done on any scale, from targeting specific demographics to running a nation-wide event, in terms of sampling, anything is better than nothing! At home, in store, parcel inserts, subscription boxes, events, the list of opportunities for your brand is endless! ATOM Marketing have a breadth of experience in sampling events and can help you, get in touch now!