Raise your glass to these alcohol promotions!

Posted in ATOM Analysis on 20th September 2018

Raise your glass to these alcohol promotions!


Corona – Collector Promotion

Corona Free Cooler

Offer: Free Corona Cooler
Mechanic: Upload a picture of your receipt to claim points (1 pint  = 1 point), collect 60 within the promotion period and claim a free cooler (13,000 available).
In such a fickle category, driving repeat purchase (within the boundaries of code of practice so as not to encourage excessive or binge drinking) with a collector scheme is a top loyalty driving tactic.

Hooch – Brand Partnership

Hooch Movies

Offer: Free movie with every purchase
Mechanic: Buy a Hooch (single or multi pack), scratch off a panel to reveal a unique code to claim credits to download a free movie from partner Rakuten TV. Each code is worth 350 credit equal to £3.50 worth of downloads, multipacks carry two or more codes.
This is Hooch’s biggest ever promotion and demonstrates how mutually beneficial partnerships can create a cost effective campaign. Often a brand is willing to co-fund the ‘free’ item in return for on-pack exposure. The key is matching the brands appropriately.

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