Raise your glass to these alcohol promotions!

Posted in ATOM Analysis on 20th September 2018

Raise your glass to these alcohol promotions!

This month we’ve noticed the aisles are going wild for alcohol Sales Promotions – there’s one every which way we turn – so what’s catching our eye and why? Take a look…

Free Gift with Purchase


  • Shopper interruption – gain attention and stand out on shelf
  • Add value to the product offer
  • Alternative to price discounting
  • Guaranteed instant Shopper Reward helps to convert a purchase
  • Simple process, no complicated redemption barriers

Whitley Neil – Branded Freebie

Whitley-Neil Free Spoon

Offer: Free Bar Spoon with every bottle.
This branded spoon will not only aid the purchasing decision but will serve as a constant in-home reminder of the product keeping the brand front of mind for future purchasing.

Blossom Hill- Wine Charms

Blossom Hill Free Charms

Offer: Free pack of wine charms with every purchase
Securing off shelf display with an FSDU with this offer, the free gift is also merchandised as a standalone product at £3.99 so the shopper can instantly associate the value of the gift.

Tia Maria – Collector Freebies

Tia Maria Free Clip

Offer: Free black board coffee clip with every purchase.
Part of a series of coffee-related freebies to reinforce the relationship between Tia Maria and coffee-related cocktails,  switching the free items also gives the shopper the opportunity to ‘collect’ and  a reason to repeat purchase over the competition.

Bacardi – Freebie

Bacardi Free Lime Squeezer

Offer: Free Lime Squeezer with every purchase
Attached via a plastic neck collar this freebie is smart way to provide added value with minimum impact on packaging and shelf-space.

Asahi – Branded Freebie

Asahi Free Glasses

Offer: Free pair of Asahi branded glasses with every purchase.
Supporting a relaunch, the strong packaging adds ‘oomph’ to its on-shelf presence and a branded in-home reminder to aid brand association, recollection and future purchase.

Corky’s – Retailer Exclusive

Corkys Glitter

Offer: Free facial glitter worth £7 with every purchase.
Part of an integrated campaign, the free glitter capitalises on the summer festival season and is complementary to the product.  It’s a Morrison’s exclusive offer – great for relationship building, raising the profile of a product in the category and delivering an offer that is tailored to a specific retailer’s audience to help drive their footfall and shopper spend.  Brownie points galore here!

Disaranno –  Insta-appeal

Disaronno Sour Jar

Offer: Free Sour Jar with every purchase
Part of the #disarannomoments integrated campaign, this freebie gives shoppers a new serving suggestion to appeal to a wider audience. The free super trendy jar encourages user generated Instagram posts and adds a twist to the usual way of drinking.

Rekorderlig – Volume Uplift

Rekorderlig Free Glass

Offer: Free glass when you purchase 3 x Rekorderlig Botanicals bottles.
Promoting a new range, the offer secured end of aisle FDSU and required the shopper to buy three bottles. With any free gift consider the size of the gift, how it will be stored and merchandised and how realistic it is for the retailers to replenish the free item to avoid consumer disappointment and maximise sales.

Cassillero del Diablo – Brand Partnership

Casillero Free Glasses

Offer: Free Pair of Dartington Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses with every purchase.
Merchandised together as a ‘Gift Set’ this is a perfectly matched brand partnership with a premium gift for a more premium wine with a high perceived value. It also extends the wine to being a gift purchase.

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